DRS Email 22-001, January Transfer and other updates

Notice No: 22-001
Date:   01/7/2022
Applies to: All Employers
Subject: DRS Email 22-001, January Transfer and other updates

January Transfer

A quick reminder that your eligible Plan 2 members have the opportunity each January to transfer to Plan 3. They must sign, date and turn in the Member Transfer Form to you by Jan. 31. For more information about who can transfer in January, please go to the Plan 3 January Transfer Opportunity page on the DRS website.

Case History Report

This report shows all cases for your organization in ERA and their current status. This allows users to get a report on demand that lists all cases along with a direct link to each case.

ERA Log In

The Log In/Register button located in the upper right corner of the website is for members to access their online retirement account.

To access ERA, select the ERA Login link or button under the Employer section of the DRS website.

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