Retirement Outlook – Winter 2024

For the winter edition of the Retirement Outlook newsletter, we take a look at a few of our most popular articles from the past year.

1099-R tax form available Jan. 24

Looking for your 1099-R form for tax purposes? Beginning Jan. 24, you can access it by signing in to your retirement account and then selecting the 1099-R link from the main menu. From there you can view it or print a copy. Hard copies of the form will be mailed by the end of January.

For Plan 3 and DCP members, starting Feb. 1, any additional 1099-R forms for your investment accounts will be available under “Statements and Documents” when you select your plan from your online account.

Looking for 2024 COLA rates?

The 2024 COLA percentages effective July 1 for most plans have not been released. DRS will update the COLA information page when the information becomes available in 2024 (usually sometime in March). You can review the current COLA adjustments that came out in 2023 on the COLA information page.

2024 Pension payment Schedule

Want to know when you’ll get paid? Check out the 2024 pension payment schedule.

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